5 Ways to Prevent Heartburn from Interfering with Thanksgiving Gatherings

11. 22. 2017

If you suffer from heartburn, the approach of Thanksgiving Day might fill you with dread instead of delight. For many of us, the day centers around eating massive amounts of rich foods, then dozing off for a cat nap and jumping right back up for a backyard game of football. Can it get any worse for those with heartburn? Oh, yes. Let’s not forget the Black Friday frenzy that begins at sundown.

Before you decide this Thanksgiving will be a disaster for your digestion, let’s talk about some small changes that can make a big difference when it comes to heartburn.

Problem: Foods on the Thanksgiving menu aggravate heartburn

Solution: Offer to help plan the menu

Planning the menu ensures that there will be several dishes on the Thanksgiving table that you can enjoy. You can bring your own heartburn-friendly versions of traditional Thanksgiving dishes. For example, alongside that rich, creamy broccoli casserole, you can place a large platter of steamed broccoli. As you plan, remember to avoid common heartburn trigger foods.

Problem: Eating too much too quickly

Solution: Force yourself to slow down

On Thanksgiving, you probably feel the urge to fill the biggest plate you can find, but resist the temptation. Instead, use a salad plate as your dinner plate. This will force you to take smaller portions and savor every bite. Before you go back for second helpings, enjoy the dinner table conversation for a while. This will allow your stomach to begin digesting your food.

Problem: Napping after the Thanksgiving meal gives you reflux

Solution: Offer to help clean up and do the dishes

There’s nothing more natural than napping after a holiday meal, but lying down after eating can cause gastric acid to seep into your esophagus. Using a smaller plate and spacing out your eating throughout the day will keep you energized, so you may not even feel tired. As a way of saying thank you to the host, offer to clear the table, wash dishes, or put away leftovers. Doing any of these activities means that you will be standing upright, which makes digestion easier.

Problem: Exercising after eating makes heartburn worse

Solution: Play backyard football before the meal instead of after the meal

You’ll find that exercising before eating will be much more enjoyable and comfortable, so get that game started when you arrive. If you really want to help out your host, take all the kids outside with you and include them in the game.

Problem: Black Friday shopping is stressful, and stress brings on heartburn

Solution: Stay at home, and don’t go shopping

Everyone loves a deal, but the crowds and rush aren’t worth it to you. Decide which family members would like to go shopping and which would prefer staying home. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a holiday of relaxation and reflection, so don’t let shopping stress turn into heartburn.

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